Amy M Schrader

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To examine whole body protein turnover and muscle protein fractional synthesis rate (MPS) following ingestions of protein in mixed meals at two doses of protein and two intake patterns, 20 healthy older adult subjects (52-75 yr) participated in one of four groups in a randomized clinical trial: a level of protein intake of 0.8 g (1RDA) or 1.5(More)
We have determined whole body protein kinetics, i.e., protein synthesis (PS), breakdown (PB), and net balance (NB) in human subjects in the fasted state and following ingestion of ~40 g [moderate protein (MP)], which has been reported to maximize the protein synthetic response or ~70 g [higher protein (HP)] protein, more representative of the amount of(More)
IMPORTANCE Individuals with co-occurring mental and substance use disorders have increased rates of mortality relative to the general population. The relationship between measures of treatment quality and mortality for these individuals is unknown. OBJECTIVE To examine the association between 5 quality measures and 12- and 24-month mortality. DESIGN,(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS In our recent acute metabolic study, we found no differences in the anabolic response to differing patterns of dietary protein intake. To confirm this in a chronic study, we investigated the effects of protein distribution pattern on functional outcomes and protein kinetics in older adults over 8 weeks. METHODS To determine chronic(More)
BACKGROUND Individuals with opioid use disorders have high rates of mortality relative to the general population. The relationship between treatment process and mortality is unknown. AIM To examine the association between 7 process measures and 12- and 24-month mortality. METHODS Retrospective cohort study of patients with opioid use disorders who(More)
OBJECTIVE Substance use disorders (SUDs) are associated with elevated rates of mortality. Little is known about whether receiving appropriate care is associated with lower mortality for patients with SUDs. This study examined the association between the receipt of care for SUDs and subsequent 12- and 24-month mortality. METHOD This was a retrospective(More)
To determine if age-associated vascular dysfunction in older adults with heart failure (HF) is due to insufficient synthesis of nitric oxide (NO), we performed two separate studies: 1) a kinetic study with a stable isotope tracer method to determine in vivo kinetics of NO metabolism, and 2) a vascular function study using a plethysmography method to(More)
OBJECTIVE This study evaluated whether eight quality measures assessing care for patients with a substance use disorder were associated with patient perceptions of their care, including perceived improvement and global rating of behavioral health care. METHODS Secondary data analyses were conducted of administrative and patient survey data collected as(More)
  • Dominic Picetti, Stephen Foster, +4 authors Gohar Azhar
  • Nutrition and healthy aging
  • 2017
BACKGROUND Inadequate hydration in the elderly is associated with increased morbidity and mortality. However, few studies have addressed the knowledge of elderly individuals regarding hydration in health and disease. Gaps in health literacy have been identified as a critical component in health maintenance, and promoting health literacy should improve(More)