Amy M. Hill

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Treatment of chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infections with the reverse transcriptase inhibitor lamivudine leads to a rapid decline in plasma viremia and provides estimates for crucial kinetic constants of HBV replication. We find that in persistently infected patients, HBV particles are cleared from the plasma with a half-life of approximately 1.0 day,(More)
MDCK cells form a polarized epithelium when they reach confluence in tissue culture. We have previously shown that concomitantly with the establishment of intercellular junctions, centrioles separate and microtubules lose their radial organization (Bacallao, R., C. Antony, C. Dotti, E. Karsenti, E.H.K. Stelzer, and K. Simons. 1989. J. Cell Biol.(More)
Microtubule (MT) dynamics in PtK2 cells have been investigated using in vivo injection of unmodified Paramecium ciliary tubulin and time-lapse fixation. The sites of incorporation of the axonemal tubulin were localized using a specific antibody which does not react with vertebrate cytoplasmic tubulin (Adoutte, A., M. Claisse, R. Maunoury, and J. Beisson.(More)
Ras proteins function as conserved regulators of eukaryotic growth and differentiation and are essential signaling proteins orchestrating virulence in pathogenic fungi. Here, we report the identification of a novel N-terminal domain of the RasA protein in the filamentous fungus Aspergillus fumigatus. Whereas this domain is absent in Ras homologs of higher(More)
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