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Reasoning about time is important in real-life situations and in engineered systems. In this research, we develop new algorithms for solving the Simple Temporal Problems (STP) and the more general Temporal Constraint Satisfaction Problem (TCSP). First, we propose a new efficient algorithm, the STP-solver, for computing the minimal network of an STP. This(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this survey were to assess the dental caries prevalence rate among children enrolled in Ohio's Head Start programs and assess factors relating to their dental care access. METHODS Oral screenings were conducted on 2,555 children, ages 3 through 5 years, at 50 Ohio Head Start centers using probability-proportional-to-size sampling.(More)
The aim of this study was to compare social cognitive profiles of children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and ADHD. Participants diagnosed with an ASD (n = 137) were compared to participants with ADHD (n = 436) on tests of facial and vocal affect recognition, social judgment and problem-solving, and parent- and teacher-report of social(More)
OBJECTIVES The use of antidepressants by women during pregnancy continues to be a controversial subject, with conflicting information regarding the safety of this group of drugs. We sought (1) to determine the impact of information, advice, and comments women received from health care providers, family, and media about use of antidepressants during(More)