Amy Lynn Aulthouse

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We report a culture scheme in which human epiphyseal chondrocytes lose their differentiated phenotype in monolayer and subsequently reexpress the phenotype in an agarose gel. The scheme is based on a method using rabbit chondrocytes. Culture in monolayer allowed small quantities of cells to be amplified and provided a starting point to study expression of(More)
The interface between epithelium and mesenchyme may be involved in inductive interactions which occur during development. This interface within the growth bud, or blastema, of a regenerating limb has been examined to determine whether changes in basement-membrane structures are visible in regions of putative epithelial-mesenchymal inductive interaction.(More)
Herein we report a method for studying slow acting pharmaceutical COX-2 inhibitors in the MCF-7 breast cancer cell line where cells are grown in a three-dimensional format within an agarose matrix. The cancer cells are suspended in agarose and plated in a cell culture dish, where they will form small multicellular 'tumors' in the agarose. The time frame for(More)
As the morphologic expression of the chondrocytic differentiation pathway responsible for bone development and growth, the growth plate has been investigated extensively in the chondrodysplasias. Unique morphologic abnormalities identified in many disorders have provided insight into pathogenetic mechanisms and have been useful diagnostically and(More)
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