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Global environmental change and sustainability science increasingly recognize the need to address the consequences of changes taking place in the structure and function of the biosphere. These changes raise questions such as: Who and what are vulnerable to the multiple environmental changes underway, and where? Research demonstrates that vulnerability is(More)
  • Guido Franco, Dan Cayan, Amy Luers, Michael Hanemann, Bart Croes, G Franco +4 others
  • 2008
Over the last few years, California has passed some of the strongest climate policies in the USA. These new policies have been motivated in part by increasing concerns over the risk of climate-related impacts and facilitated by the state's existing framework of energy and air quality policies. This paper presents an overview of the evolution of this(More)
  • David King, Daniel Schrag, Zhou Dadi, Qi Ye, Arunabha Ghosh, Simon Sharpe +44 others
  • 2015
and studies energy technology and policy as well as geochemistry and climatology. He has received several honors including a MacArthur Fellowship. Government of China. He is a specialist in energy economics and energy systems analysis, sustainable energy strategy, energy conservation, and climate change policy. Dr Arunabha Ghosh is the CEO of the Council on(More)
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