Amy Louise Adams

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In the normal rodent breast, the pineal hormone melatonin controls the development of ductal and alveolar tissue. Melatonin counteracts tumor occurrence and tumor cell progression in vivo and in vitro in animal and human breast cancer cell cultures. It acts predominantly through its melatonin MT1 receptor. Our aim was to investigate the presence or absence(More)
The recent development of lightweight GPS collars has enabled medium-to-small sized animals to be tracked via GPS telemetry. Evaluation of the performance and accuracy of GPS collars is largely confined to devices designed for large animals for deployment in natural environments. This study aimed to assess the performance of lightweight GPS collars within a(More)
Because invasive species are often opportunistic and behaviourally flexible, they tend to be successful in urban landscapes, where they may use space differently than in their more traditional habitats. Consequently, control strategies developed for invasive pest species in non-urban areas may not succeed in an urban context. Using GPS tracking, we examined(More)
Eradication of invasive species is an important component for species conservation and ecosystem restoration. Success of eradications is dependent on knowledge of population connectivity in order to determine reinvasion pathways, and hence populations requiring simultaneous eradication (eradication units). The common brushtail possum (Trichosurus vulpecula)(More)
Variation in tumor biology in African-American (AA) and Caucasian (CAU) women with breast cancer is poorly defined. Activated leukocyte cell adhesion molecule (ALCAM) is a bad prognostic factor of breast cancer yet it has never being studied in the AA population. We tested the hypothesis that ALCAM expression would be markedly lower in cases of AA breast(More)
Invasive species are often favoured in fragmented, highly-modified, human-dominated landscapes such as urban areas. Because successful invasive urban adapters can occupy habitat that is quite different from that in their original range, effective management programmes for invasive species in urban areas require an understanding of distribution, habitat and(More)
Variation in densities of native and exotic urban-adapted birds across suburban habitats may reveal levels of adaptation that predict vulnerability to habitat modification over time. We investigated the densities of the eight most common exotic and native birds in a southern hemisphere city across suburbs of varying housing density, vegetative cover and(More)
Columnar cell change in breast epithelium is frequently encountered in biopsies performed for evaluation of radiographically detected microcalcifications. While columnar cell change by itself is typically of no clinical consequence, on occasion cytologic atypia may be present, a finding now termed " flat epithelial atypia (FEA) ". Morphologic,(More)
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