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To determine if sonographic examination of fetus can be readily utilized to predict a mature lecithin/sphingomyelin (L/S) ratio among twins and singletons. Twins (n = 36) undergoing amniocentesis for assessment of pulmonary maturity were matched with singleton (1:2) for maternal demographics, gestational age (GA), and indications for procedure. At the time(More)
CD45 is an abundant cell-surface protein tyrosine phosphatase (PTPase) of hematopoietic cells that mediates specific tyrosine dephosphorylation in lymphocyte Ag activation. The hypothesis that CD45 PTPase activity varies during progression through the cell cycle was examined in this study. Expression of CD45 PTPase activity was determined in pre-B lymphoma(More)
1. Introduction Implosion of surface waves and the resulting formation of a central vertical water jet happen often in nature; they also provide an important analogy for many physical phenomena. For example, when a heavy solid object impacts on a fluid surface, e.g. such as a meteoroid hitting the planet's ocean, a crater is created, which subsequently(More)
The initial stages of fetal development require that blood oxygenation occur through the placenta rather than the non functioning lungs. As a result the fetal circulatory system develops a temporary shunt between the aorta and pulmonary artery, known as the ductus arteriosis (DA). This study utilizes CFD techniques to analyze the flow behavior in the aortic(More)
Wakes behind blunt bodies, such as a cylinder or square, are classical problems in fluid mechanics (e.g., Oertel 1990; Williamson 1996). The wake structures past the pillars of a bridge, or the wake behind a propelling ship are some real life examples. In this study, numerical simulations and flow visualizations have been performed to elucidate vortex(More)
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