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The transcription factor TBX1 is a key mediator of developmental abnormalities associated with DiGeorge/Velocardiofacial Syndrome. Studies in mice have demonstrated that decreased dosage of Tbx1 results in defects in pharyngeal arch, cardiovascular, and craniofacial development. The role of Tbx1 in cardiac development has been intensely studied; however,(More)
Programmers are living in an age of accelerated change. State of the art technology that was employed to facilitate projects a few years ago are typically obsolete today. Presently, there are requirements for higher quality software with less tolerance for errors, produced in compressed timelines with fewer people. Therefore, project success is more elusive(More)
Agile practices can and should be evolved throughout a project. This paper focuses on the evolution of two agile practices, namely co-location and planning strategy, in a software development project at TransCanada. From inception to conclusion, the evolution contributes to the successful delivery of an in-house developed system and leads to change in(More)
BACKGROUND Unintended pregnancies have been shown to be associated with high costs for the healthcare system, among other adverse impacts, but could still account for up to 51 % of pregnancies in the US. Improvements in contraception among women are needed. Long acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs), which have proved their safety and efficacy, have been(More)
PURPOSE Limited research has examined the factors associated with female permanent contraception procedures. This study evaluated the temporal trend in the use of hysteroscopic sterilization (HS) vs laparoscopic sterilization (LS) and characteristics of commercially insured and Medicaid-insured women in the US who have had the procedures. METHODS Women(More)
OBJECTIVE Up to 50% of pregnancies are unintended in the United States, and the healthcare costs associated with pregnancy are the most expensive among hospitalized conditions. The current study aims to assess Medicaid spending on various methods of contraception and on pregnancy care including unintended pregnancies. METHODS We analyzed Medicaid health(More)
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