Amy L Weinberg

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The role of steroid hormone receptors in very early embryonic development remains unknown. Clearly, expression during organogenesis is important for tissue-specific development. However, progesterone receptor (PR) and estrogen receptors (ERalpha, ERbeta) are expressed during early development through the blastocyst stage in mice and other species, and yet(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine whether family physicians prefer discharge summaries in narrative or standardized format and to determine factors affecting this preference. DESIGN Mailed survey. SETTING Internal medicine ward at a teaching hospital. PARTICIPANTS Random sample of 180 family physicians practising in the Ottawa-Carleton area. Of the original(More)
Estrogen receptor alpha (ER) is a member of the nuclear hormone receptor family, which upon binding estrogen shows increased apparent affinity for nuclear components (tight nuclear binding). The nuclear components that mediate this tight nuclear binding have been proposed to include both ER-DNA interactions and ER-protein interactions. In this paper, we(More)
A total of 173 patients who received live donor or cadaveric primary or secondary renal transplants at five British hospitals were entered into a randomized double-blind controlled clinical trial of equine antilymphocyte globulin (ALG) administered prophylactically to prevent rejection. The ALG was prepared in the early 1970s and used cultured human(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the completeness of hospital discharge summaries and the efficiency of the discharge summary system in two urban teaching hospitals. DESIGN Descriptive study, with follow-up telephone survey. SETTING General internal medicine services at two urban tertiary care hospitals affiliated with the University of Ottawa. PATIENTS A total of(More)
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