Amy L Salmeto

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Cognitive bias is a phenomenon that presents in clinical populations where anxious individuals tend to adopt a more pessimistic-like interpretation of ambiguous aversive stimuli whereas depressed individuals tend to adopt a less optimistic-like interpretation of ambiguous appetitive stimuli. To further validate the chick anxiety-depression model as a(More)
Increasing research is focused on genetic contributions to variability in stress-related endophenotypes in humans and animal model simulations. The current study sought to identify strain vulnerabilities and resiliencies to an isolation-stressor in the chick anxiety-depression model. Nine different strains of socially raised chicks were tested in isolated(More)
Altered BDNF-mediated synaptogenesis is a major contributor to stress-vulnerability and depression. This study sought to determine patterns of hippocampal BDNF expression in stress-vulnerable and -resilient strains in the chick anxiety-depression model. Socially raised Black Australorp and Production Red strains were tested at 5-6 days post hatch under(More)
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