Amy L. Porter

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The velocity of ultrasound was measured transcutaneously across the patella and tibia in 98 volunteers both before and after running the 26 mile Boston Marathon. Absolute sound velocities were 2.9% higher in those runners finishing before 3 h when compared to runners finishing after 3 h. Tibial velocities in males were 8.8% higher than in female runners.(More)
An animal model was used to examine the use of noninvasive transmission ultrasound to measure changes in bone mass which occur following disuse. Unilateral achilles tenectomy was performed on the left leg of eight adult sheep. Following a 12-week period of nonweight bearing, presacrifice transmission ultrasound measurements were taken across the calcanei of(More)
Clinical integration, a Mercy Health Services (MHS) system-wide priority, addresses MHS's ability to provide appropriate, effective clinical care across the continuum and to improve care outcomes. MHS chartered a Clinical Integration Priority Team (CIPT) that developed a common language for clinical integration; began to build infrastructure for coordinated(More)