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Apollo 14 (A-14) impact melt olivine vitrophyres (OVs), composed of olivine phenocrysts in an opaque glass matrix with minor amounts of pyroxene and plagioclase, are petrographically similar to pristine quenched A-14 high-alumina (high-Al) and Apollo 12 (A-12) basalts. Textural and chemical analyses have been conducted on olivines within impact melt and(More)
–Northwest Africa (NWA) 4734 is an unbrecciated basaltic lunar meteorite that is nearly identical in chemical composition to basaltic lunar meteorites NWA 032 and LaPaz Icefield (LAP) 02205. We have conducted a geochemical, petrologic, mineralogic, and Sm-Nd, Rb-Sr, and Ar-Ar isotopic study of these meteorites to constrain their petrologic relationships and(More)
Impact processes play an important role in shaping and reshaping the surfaces of airless planetary bodies. Such processes produce regoliths and generate melts that crystallize and record the homogenization of the geology at the impact site. If the volume of melt is substantial, the resultant crystallized product has an igneous texture and may be free of(More)
Student-led clinics are becoming more prominent as educators seek alternate models of clinical education for health professionals. The purpose of this study was to evaluate healthcare students' experiences of an interprofessional student-led clinic for clients with neurological conditions. Thirteen students representing occupational therapy, physiotherapy,(More)
Fundamental research for sonic boom reduction is needed to quantify the interaction of shock waves generated from the aircraft wing or tail surfaces with the nozzle exhaust plume. Aft body shock waves that interact with the exhaust plume contribute to the near-field pressure signature of a vehicle. The plume and shock interaction was studied using(More)
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