Amy Kyungwon Han

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Pancreatic cancer (PC) is among the deadliest cancers, with a median survival of six months. It is generally believed that infiltrating PC arises through the progression of early grade pancreatic intraepithelial lesions (PanINs). In one model of the disease, the K-ras mutation is an early molecular event during progression of pancreatic cancer; it is(More)
— Nearly all robotic grippers have one trait in common: they grasp objects with normal forces, either directly, or indirectly through friction. This method of grasping is effective for objects small enough for a given gripper to partially encompass. However, to grasp larger objects, significant grip forces and a high coefficient of friction are required. We(More)
Genetic algorithms can be used to evolve agents that will complete game tasks in a given game environment. In this paper, we discuss our experimental results using NEAT and Novelty to evolve Mario, from the popular game Super Mario Bros, to maximize his coin score. To conduct our experiments, we developed our own Mario simulator, creating a small world and(More)
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