Amy Kim Drahota

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BACKGROUND Focus groups are being utilized increasingly in health services research; however, methods of analyzing focus groups to acknowledge group processes are still under development. OBJECTIVES To explore the use of sociograms as a tool in focus group analyses. METHODS Sociograms are presented for two focus groups which were conducted to complement(More)
BACKGROUND Rehabilitation for older people has acquired an increasingly important profile for both policy-makers and service providers within health and social care agencies. This has generated an increased interest in the use of alternative care environments including care home environments. Yet, there appears to be limited evidence on which to base(More)
BACKGROUND Hospital environments have recently received renewed interest, with considerable investments into building and renovating healthcare estates. Understanding the effectiveness of environmental interventions is important for resource utilisation and providing quality care. OBJECTIVES To assess the effect of hospital environments on adult patient(More)
BACKGROUND falls disproportionately affect older people, who are at increased risk of falls and injury. This pilot study investigates shock-absorbing flooring for fall-related injuries in wards for frail older people. METHODS we conducted a non-blinded cluster randomised trial in eight hospitals in England between April 2010 and August 2011. Each site(More)
BACKGROUND hospital falls place a substantial burden on healthcare systems. There has been limited research into the use of hospital flooring as an intervention against fall-related injuries. OBJECTIVE to assess the cost-effectiveness of shock-absorbing flooring compared with standard hospital flooring in hospital wards for older people. DESIGN a(More)
UNLABELLED Falls are an issue disproportionately affecting older people who are at increased risk of falls and injury. This protocol describes a pilot study investigating shock-absorbing flooring for fall-related injuries in wards for older people. OBJECTIVES To inform future research by evaluating fall-related injuries on the intervention and existing(More)
BACKGROUND Minor surgery for ingrown toenails can provoke anxiety and the anaesthetic injection can be acutely painful. Distraction techniques may reduce the associated pain and anxiety. OBJECTIVE To investigate an audiovisual distraction (Bedscapes) on pain and anxiety during minor surgery for the correction of ingrown toenail. METHOD In a randomised(More)
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