Amy K. Stevenson

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Specific enrichment culture methods were used to isolate new phototrophic heliobacteria (anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria containing bacteriochlorophyll g) from various natural samples. A survey of terrestrial and aquatic habitats yielded heliobacteria only from soils, in particular rice soils, and from certain hot springs. Thirteen nonthermophilic and 7(More)
Conditions are described that support anaerobic dark chemotrophic growth of heliobacteria. Growth was pyruvate-dependent and was best in well-buffered pyruvate media supplemented with yeast extract. Heliobacterial cells grown in darkness synthesized bacteriochlorophyll g and carotenoids and fermented pyruvate to acidic products, CO2, and in some cases, H2.(More)
Otoliths and the homologous otoconia in the inner ear are essential for balance. Their morphogenesis is less understood than that of other biominerals, such as bone, and only a small number of their constituent proteins have been characterized. As a novel approach to identify unknown otolith proteins, we employed shotgun proteomics to analyze crude extracts(More)
The authors' aim was to explore whether the age and the familiarity of the individuals comprising a group majority influenced the tendency of 3- and 4-year-old children to conform. Participants were presented with 2 variants of a novel task in which they were required to judge which of 3 line-drawn tigers had the greatest number of stripes. The participants(More)
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