Amy J. Saunders

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As a basis for understanding the function of the halfbeak of the piper Hyporhamphus ihi (Phillips), details of the structure and dimensions of the anterior lateral line on the head and lower jaw of the piper are described. The anterior lateral line is composed of a series of cranial canals; the supraorbital-postorbital canal; the suborbital canal; and the(More)
Piper school in large groups close to the water surface during daylight hours, whereas at night the schools break up and individual fish can be observed swimming slowly through the water. Analysis of gut contents indicates that during the day piper feed primarily on copepods, and terrestrial insects trapped on the water surface; after dark the demersal(More)
The group 14 chloropropargyls R3EC ≡ CCH2Cl (R3E = (n)Bu3Sn, Ph3Sn, Me2PhSi, (i)Pr3Si, (n)Pr3Si, (n)Bu3Si), obtained by a modified literature procedure, react with LiPPh2 to afford the novel propargyl phosphanes Ph2PCH2C ≡ CER3 in high yield, as viscous oils; (Me3Si)2PCH2C ≡ CSiPhMe2 is similarly obtained from LiP(SiMe3)2. In contrast, the reaction of(More)
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