Amy J Drauch

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Sixty-eight primer sets for microsatellite loci were developed from microsatellite motif enriched genomic libraries of pooled DNA from the polyploid green and white sturgeon (Acipenser medirostris and A. transmontanus). Four individuals from each species were screened for polymorphism at these loci. Forty-eight loci amplified in both species, and some(More)
An optical detection method, Raman chemical imaging spectroscopy (RCIS), is reported, which combines Raman spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy, and digital imaging. Using this method, trace levels of biothreat organisms are detected in the presence of complex environmental backgrounds without the use of amplification or enhancement techniques. RCIS is(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether Raman molecular imaging (RMI, which combines digital imaging and analytical spectroscopy to evaluate the biochemical composition of interrogated material) can be used to identify biochemical differences in patients with Gleason 7 prostate cancer who progress to metastatic disease and die from prostate cancer. PATIENTS AND(More)
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