Amy Fountain

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Natural, spontaneous speech (and even quite careful speech) often shows extreme reduction in many speech segments, even resulting in apparent deletion of consonants. Where the flap ([inverted J]) allophone of /t/ and /d/ is expected in American English, one frequently sees an approximant-like or even vocalic pattern, rather than a clear flap. Still, the /t/(More)
Recent analyses in reduplication have questioned the viability of template constraints to account for reduplicant shape in Optimality Theory. Such template constraints require the mapping of a reduplicant to prosodic unit such as the foot, syllable, or mora. Such template constraints make incorrect predictions regarding the types of reduplicative patterns(More)
Linguistics is traditionally a university subject.We describe here comprehensive efforts that the University of Arizona’s Linguistics Department makes to engage with additional audiences: K–12 and community college students, lifelong learners, and festival-goers. Our coordination of these efforts is relatively recent, and this article emphasizes what we are(More)
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