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The biokinetics of polonium in nonhuman primates (Papio anubis) has been studied after intravenous injection of 210Po citrate. The urinary excretion of polonium in the baboon could be described by a single exponential function with a half-time of 15.6 days. Excretion fractions of polonium were found to be markedly different from those reported for other(More)
BACKGROUND Therapeutic hypothermia (TH) is associated with improved neurologically intact survival after out-of-hospital cardiopulmonary arrest. Because of its complex multidisciplinary nature, many hospitals in the United States have resisted implementing TH. A post-cardiac arrest (post-arrest) TH program was implemented at a major urban academic medical(More)
Historically, radiochemical analysis of 210Po in urine has used spontaneous deposition of the nuclide directly from raw urine onto a suitable metal disc. Consequently, the urinary excretion fraction for Po in some current metabolic and dosimetric models is based on studies which inherently assume that metabolized (i.e., filtered out of the blood by the(More)
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