Amy E. Young

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The purpose of the study is to translate existing measures of pelvic symptoms and quality of life from English into Spanish, facilitating research participation of Hispanic/Latina women. The forward–backward translation protocol was applied then adjudicated by a concordance committee. The measures included the Pelvic Floor Distress Inventory (PFDI), Pelvic(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate whether benzocaine spray applied to the cervix and the endocervical canal before performing office endometrial biopsy improves patient comfort during the procedure. METHODS Eighty-eight women were randomly assigned to receive either 20% benzocaine spray or placebo to the outside of the cervix and into the endocervical canal before an(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate whether local infiltration of bupivacaine reduces postoperative pain at trocar sites during gynecologic laparoscopy. METHODS This was a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical trial, using patients as their own controls. For each patient, 2 opposite trocar sites were infiltrated. One site was randomly chosen to(More)
BACKGROUND Most early-onset group B streptococcal (GBS) disease in recent years has occurred in newborns of prenatally GBS-negative mothers who missed intrapartum antibiotic prophylaxis (IAP). We aimed to assess the accuracy of prenatal culture in predicting GBS carriage during labor, the IAP use, and occurrence of early-onset GBS disease. METHODS We(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To examine the impact of a minimally invasive surgery (MIS) fellowship on resident experience and to survey the general attitude toward effects of fellowship programs on resident education. DESIGN Survey (Canadian Task Force classification III). SETTING An accredited obstetrics and gynecology program in the United States. SUBJECTS(More)
Limited data are available concerning sexual behaviour of Hispanic women. A total of 318 Hispanic women were surveyed concerning extra-relational sex and their condom-related attitudes. Fifteen per cent of the sample had a secondary sex partner (apart from the first partner) during the three months preceding the survey. Of these women, 77 and 53% used(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop an inexpensive and practical inanimate model to teach the loop electrosurgical excision procedure in a resident clinic. TECHNIQUE A vaginal speculum is inserted into one end of a cardboard tube. At the opposite end, a piece of knockwurst sausage is inserted into the cardboard tube. A grounding pad is attached to the distal end of the(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To increase resident knowledge in pediatric and adolescent gynecology via a Web-based self-tutorial. STUDY DESIGN Prospective cohort involving 11 third- and fourth-year residents in a large university program. Residents were asked to complete a Web-based teaching series of cases involving common topics of pediatric and adolescent(More)
BACKGROUND Type IIA1b anomalies of the Mullerian system are rare. Traditionally, the method of treatment for such anomalies has been laparotomy. CASE We discuss a case of this specific anomaly treated by resecting the non-communicating horn with the harmonic scalpel (Ethicon EndoSurgery, Cincinnati, Ohio) by first confirming a lack of communication with(More)
BACKGROUND Although maternal malignancy is relatively common, maternal metastases to the products of conception remains a rare event. There is no available literature that describes the incidence of placental metastases as a cause of abruption and fetal death. importanc CASE We present an unusual case of placental abruption and disseminated intravascular(More)