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Agency is the awareness that one's own self is the agent or author of an action, a thought, or a feeling. The implicit memory that one's self was the originator of a cognitive event - the sense of cognitive agency - has not yet been fully explored in terms of relevant neural systems. In this functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) study, we examined(More)
BACKGROUND Studies suggest that inflammation is involved in the neurodegenerative cascade leading to Alzheimer's disease (AD) pathology and symptoms. This study sought to quantitatively summarize the clinical cytokine data. METHODS Original English language peer-reviewed studies measuring cytokine concentrations in AD and healthy control subjects were(More)
The analgesic effects of cannabinoids are well documented, but these are often limited by psychoactive side-effects. Recent studies indicate that the endocannabinoid system is dynamic and altered under different pathological conditions, including pain states. Changes in this receptor system include altered expression of receptors, differential synthetic(More)
In the process of open-ocean convection in the subpolar North Atlantic Ocean, surface water sinks to depth as a distinct water mass, the characteristics of which affect the meridional overturning circulation and oceanic heat flux. In addition, carbon is sequestered from the atmosphere in the process. In recent years, this convection has been shallow or(More)
2005 Program Authorized to Offer Degree: Forest Resources v ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I am grateful to Peter Schiess for giving me the opportunity to take on this project and work through it as desired and Finn Krogstad for his ability to handle a bombardment of questions. Thank you to David Montgomery and Steven Burges for advising me on the ways of hydrology and(More)
We describe a novel LC method for the simultaneous and quantitative profiling of 43 oxylipins including eicosanoids, endocannabinoids, and structurally related bioactive lipids with modified acyl groups. The LC-MS/MS method uses switching at a defined time between negative and positive electrospray ionization modes to achieve optimal detection sensitivity(More)
Findings During the Early Stages of Disease ydranencephaly is a severe, sporadic brain abnormality characterized by absence of the cerebral hemispheres, which are replaced by a large supratentorial fluid-filled saclike structure surrounding the brain stem. 1,2 This condition is thought to be the result of extensive brain necrosis secondary to a vascular(More)
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