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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Previous T2*-weighted magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) studies have used white matter lesion (WML) central veins to distinguish multiple sclerosis (MS) from its mimics. To be clinically applicable, the "central vein sign" needs to be detectable across different T2* sequences. Our objective was to determine if the central vein sign is(More)
Two studies examined the use of Think Aloud (TA) protocol as a means for collecting data of cognitive processes during performance in golf. In Study 1, TA was employed to examine if different verbalisation (Level 2 or Level 3 TA) instructions influence performance of high and low skilled golfers. Participants performed 30 putts using TA at either Levels 2,(More)
Two studies examined differences in the cognition of golfers with differing levels of expertise in high and low pressure situations. In study 1, six high skill and six low skill golfers performed six holes of golf, while verbalizing their thoughts using Think Aloud (TA) protocol. Higher skilled golfers' cognitive processes centered more on planning in(More)
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