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ii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I begin by thanking my adviser, Dr. Chunyan Li, whose teaching skills and hard work set an example that will be hard to forget. His patience and guidance were very much appreciated during my years at LSU. I am also grateful to the other committee members, Drs. Jaye Cable, discussions about the code, and Mr. Imtiaz Hossain (LSU's Shell(More)
Nitrogen has been implicated as a major cause of hypoxia in shallow water along the Louisiana/Texas, USA coasts. Excess nitrogen (mainly nitrate) from Mississippi and Atchafalaya River drainage basins may drive the onset and duration of hypoxia in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Restoring and enhancing denitrification have been proposed to reduce and control(More)
The Atchafalaya River Basin functions as a net sink for nitrogen delivered by the Mississippi and Red Rivers. Continued influx of river-borne sediment drives rapid habitat change on the floodplain, and lakes are transitioning to seasonally flooded baldcypress swamps and bottomland hardwood forests. As flooding regimes change, leading to more intermittent(More)
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