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Men with a negative first prostate biopsy will undergo one or more additional biopsies if they remain at high suspicion of prostate cancer. To date, there are no diagnostic tests capable of identifying patients at risk for a positive diagnosis with the predictive power needed to eliminate unnecessary repeat biopsies. Efforts to develop clinical tests using(More)
We examined a model of parenting stress for abusive mothers (n = 80) and nonabusive mothers (n = 86) using linear regression analyses. Predictors in the model included (a) the degree to which mothers were bothered by child misbe-havior, (b) mothers' general psychological functioning, and (c) observed child behavior during parent–child interactions. Whether(More)
Emotional coercion is a gray area for many dating couples. This study asked approximately 150 young men and women about their attitudes and experiences with emotional coercion in dating relationships and utilized both a Self-Report Measure and a Scenario Measure containing vignettes about coercion. The findings indicated that, overall, participants failed(More)
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