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The kinesin KIF21B is implicated in several human neurological disorders, including delayed cognitive development, yet it remains unclear how KIF21B dysfunction may contribute to pathology. One limitation is that relatively little is known about KIF21B-mediated physiological functions. Here, we generated Kif21b knockout mice and used cellular assays to(More)
The dendritic arbor is subject to continual activity-dependent remodeling, requiring a balance between directed cargo trafficking and dynamic restructuring of the underlying microtubule tracks. How cytoskeletal components are able to dynamically regulate these processes to maintain this balance remains largely unknown. By combining single-molecule assays(More)
Rem2 is a member of the Rad/Rem/Rem2/Gem/Kir subfamily of small Ras-like GTPases that was identified as an important mediator of synapse development. We performed a comprehensive, loss- of-function analysis of Rem2 function in cultured hippocampal neurons using RNAi to substantially decrease Rem2 protein levels. We found that knockdown of Rem2 decreases the(More)
The morphogenesis of the dendritic arbor is a critical aspect of neuronal development, ensuring that proper neural networks are formed. However, the molecular mechanisms that underlie this dendritic remodeling remain obscure. We previously established the activity-regulated GTPase Rem2 as a negative regulator of dendritic complexity. In this study, we(More)
A key feature of the CNS is structural plasticity, the ability of neurons to alter their morphology and connectivity in response to sensory experience and other changes in the environment. How this structural plasticity is achieved at the molecular level is not well understood. We provide evidence that changes in sensory experience simultaneously trigger(More)
Rem2 is a member of the RGK family of small Ras-like GTPases whose expression and function is regulated by neuronal activity in the brain. A number of questions still remain as to the endogenous functions of Rem2 in neurons. RNAi-mediated Rem2 knockdown leads to an increase in dendritic complexity and a decrease in functional excitatory synapses, though a(More)
The nervous system has the amazing capacity to transform sensory experience from the environment into changes in neuronal activity that, in turn, cause long-lasting alterations in neuronal morphology. Recent findings indicate that, surprisingly, sensory experience concurrently activates molecular signaling pathways that both promote and inhibit dendritic(More)
The occasion linked to a large exhibition about the sixteenth century Italian painter Antonio Allegri said Correggio, has provided the opportunity to make a significant high-definition survey of some wooden frames made by design of Correggio. Two oh these frames are currently preserved at the National Gallery of Parma and cover the painting known as(More)
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