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The purpose of this study was to quantify the sagittal angular displacement of the head (cranio-cervical flexion) for the five incremental stages of the cranio-cervical flexion test (CCFT). Range of cranio-cervical flexion during the CCFT was measured using a digital imaging method in 20 healthy volunteer subjects. The intra-and inter-rater reliability of(More)
Specific strategies to optimally facilitate postural muscles to retrain postural form are advocated in the clinical management of neck pain. The purpose of this study was to compare the activation of selected cervical, thoracic and lumbar muscles during independent and facilitated postural correction in sitting in 10 subjects with chronic neck pain. Deep(More)
Fundamental research for sonic boom reduction is needed to quantify the interaction of shock waves generated from the aircraft wing or tail surfaces with the nozzle exhaust plume. Aft body shock waves that interact with the exhaust plume contribute to the near-field pressure signature of a vehicle. The plume and shock interaction was studied using(More)
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