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INTRODUCTION This literature review was conducted to provide a background understanding of the literature around integrated health and social care prior to a research project evaluating two integrated health and social care teams in England, UK. METHODS A systematic literature search of relevant databases was employed to identify all articles relating to(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES This study aims to explore, and develop a greater understanding of the experience of living with age-related hearing impairment from the perspectives of older people themselves to highlight possible recommendations for the improvement of hearing aid (HA) services and rehabilitation. BACKGROUND Hearing impairment (HI) is one of the most(More)
Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of registerable blindness with a high medical and societal cost burden. Much of the research examining experiences of living with AMD has been conducted independently with small sample sizes and has failed to impact on practice. Meta-synthesis of qualitative research can improve the understanding(More)
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