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Sox2, which encodes an SRY-like HMG box transcription factor, is critical for vertebrate development. Sox2 mediates its transcriptional effects through the formation of complexes with specific co-factors, many of which are unknown. In this report, we identify Oct-1, encoded by the Pou2f1 gene, as a co-factor for Sox2 in the context of mouse lens and nasal(More)
In this review we highlight two genetic pathways important for eye morphogenesis that are partially conserved between flies and vertebrates. Initially we focus on the ey paradigm and establish which aspects of this genetic hierarchy are conserved in vertebrates. We discuss experiments that evaluate the non-linear relationship amongst the genes of the(More)
The AP-2 family of transcription factors are defined by the presence of a novel DNA binding domain, termed a 'basic helix-span-helix' motif. The AP-2 genes regulate important aspects of vertebrate embryogenesis and have also been linked to the control of cell proliferation and tumorigenesis, but the cellular targets that the AP-2 proteins control are(More)
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