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The capacity to perform isometric and dynamic muscle contractions at different forces has been measured in two separate groups of subjects: 25 men and 25 women performed sustained isometric contractions of the knee-extensor muscles of their stronger leg to fatigue, at forces corresponding to 80%, 50% and 20% of the maximum voluntary force of contraction(More)
The authors report a patient with angina pectoris in whom selective left coronary angiography demonstrated that the pulmonary artery branch to an apical lung segment was supplied by a bronchial collateral vessel which arose from the left circumflex artery. The anatomic and physiological developmental mechanisms, and the clinical implications, are discussed.(More)
Displaced transverse sacral fractures are rare injuries and may be associated with sacral nerve-root damage. Studies of a 21-year-old man with a transverse sacral fracture and bowel and bladder dysfunction demonstrated the value of the CT scan as an aid in diagnosis and management.
This paper describes the development of a system for teaching C/C++ using LegoTM RCX Robots in a CS1 college course on introductory programming. The system has been implemented using an integrated development environment (IDE) developed by the open source community (Code::Blocks). We have modified the IDE so that it can call a C/C++ cross-compiler for the(More)