Amy D MacKay

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1. The disposition of warfarin enantiomers and metabolites has been studied in 36 patients receiving chronic rac-warfarin therapy, titrated to approximately the same anticoagulant response. 2. A stereoselective h.p.l.c. assay was employed to determine the concentrations of (R)- and (S)-warfarin, (R,S)-warfarin alcohol and (S)-7-hydroxywarfarin in plasma and(More)
The efficacy and adverse effects of ketotifen 1 mg twice daily and 2 mg twice daily were compared with placebo in 50 patients with atopic asthma in a multicentre, double-blind study. Ketotifen in the higher dosage caused a slight reduction in salbutamol usage and a modest improvement in breathing in patients not already receiving inhaled corticosteroids.(More)
This paper presents an individual-based model for gastrointestinal nematode parasites of sheep and includes the effect of these parasites on the liveweight performance of young sheep. Parasitism is known to affect the host animal in at least two ways. The first induces a loss of appetite in the host, which reduces pasture consumption compared with the(More)
The population dynamics of Trichostrongylus colubriformis larvae were compared over two years on contrasting topographical aspects north (warm and dry) and south-facing (cool and moist) hill slopes) on paddocks which form part of the 'non-chemical' and conventional' farm systems at the AgResearch Ballantrae Hill Country Station located in a summer-moist(More)
Interest in ways of raising stock without using anthelmintics has been stimulated by the desire for intensive grazing systems to adopt more sustainable methods of internal parasite control and by potential premiums for "organic" produce. This requires grazing management systems which are practicable and achieve levels of parasite control sufficient to meet(More)
The prevalence of polycystic kidney disease was assessed in 132 Persian cats, 46 of them referred for the investigation and treatment of medical or surgical conditions, and 86 apparently healthy cats referred specifically to be screened for the disease. Cats referred for the investigation of renomegaly or renal failure were excluded, and cats under 10(More)
We have applied a new method for quantitative measurement of bronchial beta adrenoceptor blockade to a new beta adrenoceptor antagonist, bevantolol. Dose-response curves to a beta agonist, albuterol, were obtained in six normal subjects by measuring specific airway conductance (sGaw) after increasing doses of inhaled albuterol. These were repeated on three(More)
Bronchial and cardiac beta-adrenoceptor blockade have been compared in six normal subjects after three beta-adrenoceptor antagonists. Single and double doses of atenolol (50 and 100 mg), acebutolol (100 and 200 mg) and labetalolol (150 and 300 mg) were studied on separate occasions. 2 Salbutamol airway dose-response curves were obtained by measuring the(More)
The changes in airway caliber and plasma cyclic-AMP levels after intravenously administered aminophylline, and the effect of DL- and D-propranolol on these responses have been investigated in a double-blind manner in normal subjects. Aminophylline 5.6 mg/kg was given intravenously over a 10-min period and the airway response was measured as change in(More)