Amy Colin

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In this study, serum melatonin and urinary 6-sulfatoxymelatonin (aMT6s) were measured in 14 major depressive inpatients, compared to 14 matched controls according to age, gender, season and hormonal treatment in women. Moreover, the relationship between serum melatonin and urinary aMT6s levels was analysed in the two groups. Results indicated that the two(More)
Parental care is widespread in Archosaurs (birds, crocodilians, dinosaurs and pterosaurs), and this group provides a useful model for the evolution of parent-offspring interactions. While offspring signalling has been well-studied in birds, the modulation of parental care in crocodilians remains an open question. Here we show that acoustic communication has(More)
Twenty-four patients with clinically defined multiple sclerosis were prospectively studied with the aim of establishing the frequency of retinal periphlebitis. In three cases (12.5%) retinal periphlebitis was observed. None of the patients with multiple sclerosis and retinal periphlebitis presented a severe form or progressive course of the disease;(More)
The authors report two cases of infant encephalopathies with psychomotor retardation. The cerebrospinal fluid, the electroretinogram, the electromyogram and the motor conduction velocity are normal. The neuromuscular cutaneous conjunctival biopsies are normal. No biochemical abnormalities are found. The electroencephalogram presents continuous high voltage(More)
Pm-mme. The function of RPE is well known in PVR. Pharmacologic agents have been extensively shldied both experimentally and clinically. Few reports have derailled the interactions of a " timitctic drugs on the microtubule network. The aim of this study is to visualize by indirect immunofluwescence the modification of the microtubule network of cultured pig(More)
The spatiotemporal organization of proteins within cells is essential for cell fate behavior. Although it is known that the cytoskeleton is vital for numerous cellular functions, it remains unclear how cytoskeletal activity can shape and control signaling pathways in space and time throughout the cell cytoplasm. Here we show that F-actin self-organization(More)
UNLABELLED Mice harboring a mutation in the gene encoding gastric intrinsic factor (Gif), a protein essential for the absorption of vitamin B12/cobalamin (Cbl), have potential as a model to explore the role of vitamins in infection. The levels of Cbl in the blood of Gif(tm1a/tm1a) mutant mice were influenced by the maternal genotype, with offspring born to(More)
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