Amy C Sievers

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Malaria control is currently receiving significant international commitment. As part of this commitment, Rwanda has undertaken a two-pronged approach to combating malaria via mass distribution of long-lasting insecticidal-treated nets and distribution of antimalarial medications by community health workers. This study attempted to measure the impact of(More)
Breast cancer survival in the USA has continually improved over the last six decades and has largely been accredited to the use of mammography, advanced surgical procedures, and adjuvant therapies. Data indicate, however, that there were substantial improvements in survival in the USA even prior to these technological and diagnostic advances, suggesting(More)
Pathology provides a critical bridge between the patients, their physicians and the therapeutic and surgical interventions that can be provided to them. Clinicians caring for patients in resource poor settings may provide basic healthcare, which does not include access to pathologic services; however, the value of pathology in alleviating health disparities(More)
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