Amy C. Maher

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DNA carrying inverted repeats was tested for transposition within the Drosophila genome. Five Bam HI segments containing related inverted repeats were isolated from D. melanogaster and analyzed by electron microscopy and restriction mapping. Southern blot experiments using single-copy flanking sequences as probes allowed the study of DNA arrangements at(More)
Women oxidize more fat as compared to men during endurance exercise and several groups have shown that the mRNA content of selected genes related to fat oxidation are higher in women (e.g. hormone sensitive lipase, beta-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase, CD36). One of the possible mechanisms is that women tend to have a higher area percentage of type I skeletal(More)
We examined in skeletal muscle (1) whether fatty acid transport protein (FATP) 1 channels long-chain fatty acid (LCFA) to specific metabolic fates in rats; and (2) whether FATP1-mediated increases in LCFA uptake exacerbate the development of diet-induced insulin resistance in mice. We also examined whether FATP1 is altered in insulin-resistant obese Zucker(More)
Recently, a significant epigenetic component in the pathology of suicide has been realized. Here we investigate candidate functional SNPs in epigenetic-regulatory genes, DNMT1 and DNMT3B, for association with suicide attempt (SA) among patients with co-existing psychiatric illness. In addition, global DNA methylation levels [5-methyl cytosine (5-mC%)](More)
Case reports and open-label studies suggest that coenzyme Q(10) (CoQ(10)) treatment may have beneficial effects in mitochondrial disease patients; however, controlled trials are warranted to clinically prove its effectiveness. Thirty patients with mitochondrial cytopathy received 1200 mg/day CoQ(10) for 60 days in a randomized, double-blind, cross-over(More)
BACKGROUND Individuals residing in long-term care (LTC) are more likely to have a fragility fracture than community-dwelling seniors. The purpose of this study was to determine whether the presence of neurological diseases was associated with an increased risk of fracture within 180 days of admission to LTC. METHODS This retrospective cohort study used(More)
The MDM-2 oncoprotein exists in an autoregulatory feedback loop with the tumor suppressor protein p53. Therefore, intracellular levels of these two proteins may play important roles in cell proliferation and tumorigenesis. Several MDM-2 proteins (Mr 35-100 Kd) have been demonstrated in human cell lines. We report here the expression profile of MDM-2 and p53(More)
Disruptions of ovarian function in women are associated with increased risk of metabolic disease due to dysregulation of peripheral glucose homeostasis in skeletal muscle. Our previous evidence suggests that alterations in skeletal muscle lipid metabolism coupled with altered mitochondrial function may also develop. The objective of this study was to use an(More)
To understand the role of connexin43 (Cx43) in epidermal differentiation, we reduced Cx43 levels by RNA-mediated interference knockdown and impaired its functional status by overexpressing loss-of-function Cx43 mutants associated with the human disease oculodentodigital dysplasia (ODDD) in rat epidermal keratinocytes. When Cx43 expression was knocked down(More)
In skeletal muscle, mitochondria exist as two subcellular populations known as subsarcolemmal (SS) and intermyofibrillar (IMF) mitochondria. SS mitochondria preferentially respond to exercise training, suggesting divergent transcriptional control of the mitochondrial genomes. The transcriptional co-activator peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ(More)