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To address several fundamental questions regarding how multiwhisker tactile stimuli are integrated and processed by the trigeminal somatosensory system, a novel behavioral task was developed that required rats to discriminate the width of either a wide or narrow aperture using only their large mystacial vibrissae. Rats quickly acquired this task and could(More)
A tool or probe often functions as an extension of the hand, transmitting vibrations to the hand to produce a percept of the object contacting the tool or probe. This paper reports the psychophysical results of a combined psychophysical and neurophysiological study of the perception of vibration transmitted through a cylinder grasped in the hand. In the(More)
The CosmoBot™ system has been designed and developed for therapy, education, and play. Children interact with CosmoBot™, controlling the robot's movements and audio output, using a variety of gestural sensors and speech recognition, while actively targeting their therapy goals. We evaluated the usability of CosmoBot™ to contribute to physical therapy(More)
A system is described that delivers complex, biologically realistic, tactile stimuli to the rat's facial whisker pad by independently stimulating up to 16 individual facial whiskers in a flexible yet highly controlled and repeatable manner. The system is technically simple and inexpensive to construct. The system consists of an array of 16(More)
We recorded action potentials from three RA fibers innervating primate fingerpad, while applying electrotactile (electrocutaneous) stimulation. Negative pulses required 1.3-1.5 times more current than positive ones for entrainment. The strength-duration time constant was approximately 151 micros. Suprathreshold sinusoidal vibration synchronized to 30-Hz(More)
papers on human-robot interaction. We have several articles about robot camps and summer schools that were held in the past year. The field is broad and exciting. We need more researchers with fresh ideas and enthusiasm. Hope to see you there! of Standards and Technology. Her research interests are evaluation methodologies and metrics for interaction with(More)
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