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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS T his study was the result of a team effort involving not only the research partners but also many experts, academic institutions, social service organizations and government agencies in New York State. The study partners would like to acknowledge the indispensable contributions made by many colleagues. In particular, we would like to thank(More)
The authors examined the symptoms of 35 patients with schizotypal personality disorder. In contrast to the suggestion, based on studies of nonclinical, familial samples, that patients with schizotypal disorder are best characterized by the negative symptoms of social isolation and impaired functioning, they found that the positive symptoms of odd(More)
Alterations in central dopamine function have been identified in depression and in alcohol withdrawal. Attempts to determine the magnitude and direction of the central dopamine alteration in alcohol withdrawal have produced conflicting results. In this study serum prolactin (PRL) was used as an indicator of central dopamine activity since dopamine is the(More)
*This is not a historical repository. The earliest DIRs that will be available in the repository are DIRs from 2010. Happy New Year everyone. OPDV is looking forward to an exciting set of new projects for 2012 to add to our regular work. It will be another busy year! I want to start the year with thanks to all of our colleagues, old and new, who(More)
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