Amy B. Clarke

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BACKGROUND Anti-psychotics, prescribed to people with dementia, are associated with approximately 1,800 excess annual deaths in the UK. A key public health objective is to limit such prescribing of anti-psychotics. METHODS This project was conducted within primary care in Medway Primary Care Trust (PCT) in the UK. There were 2 stages for the intervention.(More)
Rhinoceros horn is now worth more, per unit weight, than gold, diamonds, or cocaine. Rhinoceros horn has been used in traditional Asian medicine as a presumed cure for a wide range of ailments. Rhinoceros poaching in South Africa has, on average, more than doubled each year over the past 5 years with the rapid economic growth in east and southeast Asia(More)
Wildlife is a multi-million dollar industry in South Africa ranging from intensively farmed animals on small properties to free-roaming animals in large functional ecosystems. Specific concerns surrounding the conservation value of the intensively managed wildlife have been raised. Increasingly it is recognised that genetics must be considered when(More)
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