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Family interactions were examined longitudinally over 2 years in 79 middle-class African American families with early adolescents. Mothers and adolescents (as well as fathers and adolescents and triads in 2-parent families) were videotaped discussing a conflict for 10 min. A macro-coding system (J. G. Smetana, J. Yau, A. Restrepo, & J. L. Braeges, 1991) was(More)
An ever-expanding understanding of the molecular basis of the more than 200 unique diseases collectively called cancer, combined with efforts to apply these insights to clinical care, is forming the foundation of an era of personalized medicine that promises to improve cancer treatment. At the same time, these extraordinary opportunities are occurring in an(More)
(2000). Quadriceps EMG/force relationship in knee extension and leg press. Influence of high-resistance and high-velocity training on sprint performance. Training and detraining adaptations in electromyographic, muscle fibre and force production characteristics of human leg extensor muscles. Jyväskylä. (2000). Short-term performance effects of high power,(More)
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