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BACKGROUND Postthrombotic intraluminal tissue causing postthrombotic syndrome (PTS) has not been well described. This study defines its histological characteristics and assess whether tissue function evolves over time. METHODS Specimens from 18 common femoral veins (CFV) from 16 patients obtained during CFV endovenectomy and iliocaval recanalization were(More)
Neuroblastoma, a tumor of primitive neuroectodermal cells, is one of the most common solid malignancies of neonates. Placental metastases have been described in rare cases of congenital neuroblastoma, usually in association with hydrops fetalis, placentomegaly, and widespread disease in the neonate. We report a case in which the unexpected diagnosis of(More)
Men with a negative first prostate biopsy will undergo one or more additional biopsies if they remain at high suspicion of prostate cancer. To date, there are no diagnostic tests capable of identifying patients at risk for a positive diagnosis with the predictive power needed to eliminate unnecessary repeat biopsies. Efforts to develop clinical tests using(More)
Mycobacterium leprae (M leprae), the causative agent of Hansen's disease, is endemic in many areas of Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, South and Central America, the Pacific Islands, and the Philippines. The spectrum of clinical disease is dependent on the patient's cell-mediated immunity and might range from localized anesthetic patches or plaques to disseminated(More)
CONTEXT The fallopian tube is a common specimen in a pathology laboratory. It may be examined either alone as a salpingectomy or tubal ligation specimen, or as part of a more complex specimen from a hysterectomy and/or oophorectomy operation. Although the common histologic findings in the fallopian tube have been described previously, to our knowledge no(More)
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