Amruta Gokhale

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Software developers often need to port applications written for a source platform to a target platform. In doing so, a key task is to replace an application's use of methods from the source platform API with corresponding methods from the target platform API. However, this task is challenging because developers must manually identify mappings between(More)
INTRODUCTION Data on the efficacy of hydroxyurea (HU) in Indian children with sickle cell anaemia (SCA) is limited. Hence, we have evaluated the efficacy of fixed low dose HU in Indian children. METHODS The study cohort consisted of 144 children (<18 years of age) with SCA having severe manifestations (≥ 3 episodes of vasocclusive crisis or blood(More)
This paper addresses the problem of detecting plagiarized mobile apps. Plagiarism is the practice of building mobile apps by reusing code from other apps without the consent of the corresponding app developers. Recent studies on third-party app markets have suggested that plagiarized apps are an important vehicle for malware delivery on mobile phones.(More)
In a dynamic network, cyber physical devices collect and share data by opportunistically connecting with each other. By their very nature, computations in dynamic networks may be distributed among several untrusted devices, some of which may be malicious in intent. It is therefore key to have mechanisms that allow one device to establish the trustworthiness(More)
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