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In previous work, the four endophytic bacteria Pantoea agglomerans MK-29, Cedeca davisae MK-30, Enterobacter spp. MK-42 and Pseudomonas putida MT-19 were shown to reduce Meloidogyne incognita on tomato when applied as a seed treatment and/or soil drench. The objective of this work was to study these bacteria for their potential to induce systemic resistance(More)
Surveillance of medically important mosquitoes is critical to determine the risk of mosquito-borne disease transmission. The purpose of this research was to test self-supporting, exposure-free bednet traps to survey mosquitoes. In the laboratory we tested human-baited and unbaited CDC light trap/cot bednet (CDCBN) combinations against three types of traps:(More)
Resistance of Aedes aegypti to insecticides has become a threat in the effort to control the vector for DF/DHF virus. In this research, Ae. aegypti collected from three cities in Indonesia, i.e. Bandung, Palembang, and Surabaya, were tested to determine their resistance status to pyrethroid (permethrin and deltamethrin) and organophosphate (temephos)(More)
Clinical investigation and rheoencephalography were performed in 79 patients and their cerebral circulation patterns characterized. Patients with different forms of endogenous depression displayed different levels of cerebral arterial blood filling and volume blood flow. Cerebral venous dysfunctions in depressive patients showed a clear tendency to relieve(More)
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