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The Java Modeling Language (JML) is a formal interface specification language to document the behavior of Java program modules and has been used in many research and industrial projects. However, its inability to support Java 5 features such as generics is reducing its user base significantly. Besides, the JML compiler is on average 8.5 times slower than(More)
—There are many benefits of checking design constraints at runtime—for example, automatic detection of design drift or corrosion. However, there is no comparative analysis of different approaches although such an analysis could provide a sound basis for determining the appropriateness of one approach over the others. In this paper we conduct a comparative(More)
Acknowledgements I thank all those who helped me with various aspects of my research and the writing of this thesis. Dr. Yoonsik Cheon, my major professor and mentor, guided my graduate study at The University of Texas at El Paso. He stimulated my research interest in programming language and formal interface specification language. He spent numerous hours(More)
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