Amrita Chakraborty

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This paper aims to present in detail the design, fabrication and the various characterization techniques adopted in realizing a novel miniature-size switched capacitor based phase shifter. The work strives to provide an all-round development of a DMTL (Distributed MEMS Transmission Line) based phase shifting unit yielding an overall phase shift of 151 at a(More)
A new efficient method to implement orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) on intensity modulated direct detection (IM/DD) channels is presented and termed auto-correlated optical OFDM. It is shown that a necessary and sufficient condition for a band limited periodic signal to be positive for all time is that the frequency coefficients form an(More)
Conventional dc-dc boost converters are unable to provide high step-up voltage gains due to the effect of power switches, rectifier diodes, and the equivalent series resistance of inductors and capacitors. This paper proposes transformerless dc-dc converters to achieve high step-up voltage gain without an extremely high duty ratio. In the proposed(More)
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