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The incidence of disabilities is increasing as our population ages and we find that access to ICT is becoming mandatory for meaningful participation, independence, and self-sustenance. However we are not only nowhere near providing access to everyone who needs it, but we are actually losing ground due to reasons such as technical proliferation across(More)
The rise in popularity of touchscreens supports the need for improving the usability and accessibility of the technology for users with varying abilities. Touchscreen activation methods (tapping, take-off) can help address these issues but may have trade-offs (longer time to complete task). This study evaluated tapping and take-off touchscreen activation(More)
A state of the science conference on the Cloud, accessibility and the future was held at the University of Wisconsin–Madison on September 21 and 22, 2013. The desired outcomes of the conference were a better understanding of current and emerging issues around digital inclusion, a better understanding of where things are going, and what strategies for(More)
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