Amrendra Kumar

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A design's increasing density, as well as its number of embedded memories increases its vulnerability to a variety of potential manufacturing defects. Standard March test algorithms used for obtaining good defect coverage must be augmented by new algorithms that target defects not screened by embedded BIST controllers. This paper presents our experience(More)
Measurement of level, temperature, pressure and flow parameters are very vital in all process industries. The model for such a real time process is identified and validated .Real time industrial processes are subjected to variation in parameters and parameter perturbations, which when significant makes the system unstable. Determination or tuning of the PID(More)
The large size and complexity of datasets in Big Data need specialized statistical tools for analysis and we use R for correlation analysis of our data set. This paper explores the correlation analysis through best fit linear regression of quantitative variables with help of the demonstration based on scatter plots and linear regression best fit line. The(More)
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