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Thanks to the proliferation of online social networks, it has become conventional for researchers to communicate and collaborate with each other. Meanwhile, one critical challenge arises, that is, how to find the most relevant and potential collaborators for each researcher? In this work, we propose a novel collaborator recommendation model called CCRec,(More)
The new relatively concept of cloud computing & its associated methodologies has many advantages in the world of today. Such advantages range between providing solutions for integration of the miscellaneous systems & presenting as well guarantees for distribution of searching means & integration of software tools which are used by consumers & different(More)
In this paper, a scalable e-health architecture based on the Internet of Things (IoT) technology is proposed. In this suggested architecture, the clinic hardware can communicate with other clinics' hardware remotely with minimal or no human intervention, which is a key difference between the proposed architecture and the former ones. The idea of our(More)
Today, the multi-agent systems are the most common systems that have intelligent behavior and able to adapt features based on the environmental changes. On the other side, cloud applications enable the stakeholders to customize their resources and software they need based on the requested domain. These applications face many challenges such as how to handle(More)
In this paper, we introduce a new fuzzy c-means (FCM) method in order to improve the magnetic resonance images’ (MRIs) segmentation. The proposed method combines the FCM and possiblistic c-means (PCM) functions using a weighted Gaussian function. The weighted Gaussian function is given to indicate the spatial influence of the neighbouring pixels on the(More)