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In this paper, a scalable e-health architecture based on the Internet of Things (IoT) technology is proposed. In this suggested architecture, the clinic hardware can communicate with other clinics' hardware remotely with minimal or no human intervention, which is a key difference between the proposed architecture and the former ones. The idea of our(More)
Thanks to the proliferation of online social networks, it has become conventional for researchers to communicate and collaborate with each other. Meanwhile, one critical challenge arises, that is, how to find the most relevant and potential collaborators for each researcher? In this work, we propose a novel collaborator recommendation model called CCRec,(More)
Cloud Computing, a relatively new concept and all its associated methodologies offer uncountable advantages now-a-days. These advantages range from integrating different systems, offering guarantee over searching mean distribution and to software tools integration, used by various cloud service providers and consumers. So all these provisions are not only(More)