Amr Talaat Abdel-Hamid

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The IEEE 802.15.4 standard has been established as the dominant enabling technology for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). With the proliferation of many security-sensitive applications involving WSNs in a diverse set of fields, WSN security has become a topic of great significance. WSNs possess additional vulnerabilities in comparison with traditional wired(More)
With the advent of new wireless technologies, such as ZigBee and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), smart home systems have become more popular and affordable. One of the main challenges of wireless networks, especially mesh networks, is optimizing these networks such that they provide strong and reliable communication channels with minimum resource consumption.(More)
IEEE 802.15.4 Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) possess additional vulnerabilities in comparison with traditional wired and wireless networks, such as broadcast nature of wireless medium, dynamic network topology, resource- constrained nodes, lack of physical safeguards in nodes, and immense network scale. These inherent vulnerabilities present opportunities(More)
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