Amr Selim Abu Lila

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The delivery of anticancer agents to solid tumors is problematic. Nanomolecular drug carriers represent an attractive alternative strategy for efficient anticancer drug delivery to tumor tissue,(More)
We recently developed a PEG-coated liposome encapsulating the anti-folate drug pemetrexed (PMX). Such liposomal formulations have shown potent cytotoxic effects against malignant pleural mesothelioma(More)
We recently reported that combination therapy with metronomic S-1 dosing and oxaliplatin (l-OHP)-containing PEGylated liposomes improved antitumor activity in a murine colorectal tumor model.(More)
We previously developed a PEG-coated cationic liposome that enabled dual targeting delivery of oxaliplatin (l-OHP) to both tumor endothelial cells and tumor cells in a solid tumor. The targeted(More)
PEGylation, which is the surface modification of nanocarriers with polyethylene glycol (PEG), has increased the circulation time and reduced the immunogenic responses to nanocarriers. However, many(More)
We recently designed a PEG-coated cationic liposome targeted to angiogenic vessels and showed, in a murine dorsal air sac model, potent anti-angiogenic activity of an oxaliplatin (l-OHP) formulation(More)