Amr Helmy Ibrahim

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In this article, we are presenting a semantic annotation tool for Arabic texts with a strategy adapted to the automatic location of reported information. The method used is that of Contextual Exploration, which consists of using purely linguistic knowledge to identify semantic-discursive textual representations. This work has been carried out in the(More)
A thorough analysis of an instruction set provides a fundamental step for development of highly optimized system software, applications and intermediate language. As one of the most abundantly used processor families, x86's instruction set is utilized in the development of a wide variety of applications. This paper provides an up-to-date analysis of the x86(More)
Three constructions of English are under scrutiny: in the first, the post-verbal noun (PVN) is a Cognate Object (CO, e.g. They all sighed a little sigh of relief); in the second, it is a Reaction Object (RO, e.g. She rattled out a painful laugh), whilst in the third it is a Measure Phrase (MP, e.g. This case weighs 20 kilos). COs, ROs, and MPs are analysed(More)
In this paper, we present a method of grammatical and semantic disambiguation of the particle or the token "hatta̅" in Arabic language. This method is based on a thorough analysis of the context. Our goal is to achieve the maximum linguistic information of this token thanks to a corpus in order to modeling as a grammar or rules. To do this, we first(More)
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