Amr Elchouemi

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Patient health record (PHR) is a rising patient centric model which is frequently outsourced to store at third party. This addresses the issue in privacy such as hiding the sensitive health data of a patient which can be assessed by unauthorized users. In this paper, a new secured e-health framework has proposed. In this framework, patient centric personal(More)
Face detection and tracking have wide applications, for example, law enforcement, gaming, image search, marketing, etc. The detection and tracking tasks are quite challenging. Tracking the face in an image includes gender identification and segmenting the face using the skin color. In the past, many methods have been proposed to identify a face in videos,(More)
Association Rule Mining (ARM) includes one of the most popular algorithms called Apriori Algorithm (AA) in it. AA has some limitations and areas for improvement related to the execution time consumption. The extended AA has some improvements based on the existing algorithm AA. The main findings indicate that not much has been done in an educational data(More)
This paper presents a SIFT-based geometrically computational approach to vigorously recognize Bangla sign language (BdSL). Gaussian distribution and grayscaling techniques are applied for image processing and normalizing the sign image. After this pre-processing, features are extracted from the sign image by implementing scale invariant feature transform.(More)
This pilot paper presents a newly enhanced Model of Game-Based Learning (GBL) for English learners in high school. The extension was made based on modified GBL integration steps. The presented model also incorporated the results of the impact of GBL on English skill performance and a survey on teachers' perceptions of using GBL in English teaching and(More)
Over the last three decades, there has been a dramatic rise in ageing populations in most countries. Older people are remaining in nursing home care due to the fact that general services and medical support are provided. However, these costly environments often negatively affect older people due to high cost, limited staff and the social impacts they have.(More)
This paper presents a method based on contourlet transform for the purpose of art authentication. The sample digital images from the different artist are converted to the gray scale images. The background patches from the gray scale images are extracted. The extracted patches are transformed using Contourelet transform and modeled using Hidden Markov Tree(More)
The natural disaster is an unstoppable reality that people are facing. Nowadays, mobile devices (MDs) such as smartphone, tablets, laptops are common to people, and they are using it in day-to-day life. This research work explores the use of MDs at the situation of the catastrophic earthquake in developing countries for rescue. The main concern of this(More)
Agile software development methods have emerged to Australian organizations in recent years. This paper is a survey of agile method employments found in information technology industries, educational courses and research programs. The survey aims to collect, compare, analyze and determine the movement of agile methods in several countries and focuses on(More)