Amr Elchouemi

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This paper presents a SIFT-based geometrically computational approach to vigorously recognize Bangla sign language (BdSL). Gaussian distribution and grayscaling techniques are applied for image processing and normalizing the sign image. After this pre-processing, features are extracted from the sign image by implementing scale invariant feature transform.(More)
Patient health record (PHR) is a rising patient centric model which is frequently outsourced to store at third party. This addresses the issue in privacy such as hiding the sensitive health data of a patient which can be assessed by unauthorized users. In this paper, a new secured e-health framework has proposed. In this framework, patient centric personal(More)
This paper presents a partitioning method based on topological ordering and levelization. The proposed method, termed RPL, performs multi-FPGA partitioning by taking into account six different partitioning constraints. We also compare RPL to two existing algorithms. The first approach is a hierarchical partitioning method based on topological ordering (HP).(More)
Association Rule Mining (ARM) includes one of the most popular algorithms called Apriori Algorithm (AA) in it. AA has some limitations and areas for improvement related to the execution time consumption. The extended AA has some improvements based on the existing algorithm AA. The main findings indicate that not much has been done in an educational data(More)
Face detection and tracking have wide applications, for example, law enforcement, gaming, image search, marketing, etc. The detection and tracking tasks are quite challenging. Tracking the face in an image includes gender identification and segmenting the face using the skin color. In the past, many methods have been proposed to identify a face in videos,(More)
The main aim of this paper is to enhance using hybrid solution for early diagnosis of breast cancer using mammogram images. For the CAD system for any image processing system follows mainly four steps that is image pre processing, segmentation, features extraction and classification and evaluation. For this research purpose follows the same structure using(More)
Some individuals who have the disability of the limbs cannot use the computer with their limbs. This paper is aimed to propose a new robust method for the implementation of the camera mouse for such disabled people. This method consists of the face recognition and extraction of user eyes location. The experiment is conducted to verify the results that were(More)
Many universities offer students to work on live networking equipment. Unfortunately this is not very efficient for teaching networking labs, especially if the size of the class is really large. The aim of this project is to create a virtual lab to help overcome the existing issues of limited hardware and accessibility in physical laboratories. The lab(More)
Mobile Cloud Learning (MCL), a novel integration of Mobile learning and Cloud Computing is a new learning approach that is going to be a dominant teaching or learning methodology in future. This paper puts emphasis on enhancing the quality of the education process through MCL and how Cloud-based Mobile learning replaces traditional Mobile learning. It(More)