Amr El-Toukhy

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In avian smooth muscles, GTPgammaS produces a Rho kinase mediated increase in PHI-1 phosphorylation and force, but whether this correlation is causal is unknown. We examined the effect of phosphorylated PHI-1 (P-PHI-1) on force and myosin light chain (MLC(20)) phosphorylation at a constant [Ca(2+)]. P-PHI-1, but not PHI-1, increased MLC(20) phosphorylation(More)
The endogenous stages of Eimeria arvicanthi were studied after experimental infection with pure strain in the rat Arvicanthis n. niloticus. The prepatent period was 5 days, while the patent period extended to the 11th day p.i. Two asexual generations were determined in the epithelial cells of the upper part of the colon, while the sexual one was found in(More)
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